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Recording Mixing Producing

Perfect for bands, solo artists, singer-songwriters and anyone that makes music.


The main recording room is great! We call it "The Great Room". The 18 foot vaulted ceilings providing a unique and balanced recording space. We are located in the Glenville Hills area and are committed to quality recordings. Contact 329studio to start making beautiful sounds with the very best in the biz.

Rates are only:

45/hr. for recording

350 for 24hrs/Overnight Stay

300 to mix a song revisions included

Recent Albums Recorded and Mixed Here by Tops Of Trees

Rob Canillo's New AlbUm "TailWind" at

Howie Newmans Cd's at

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I've been working in studios in the Boston area since 1993. I had my own in PorterSquare, Somerville Ma for years and developed and taught the first music recording/production courses at the Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Ma. Recording and Mixing music has been my passion since 1991. 

Along with all this I've always been inspired by record companies like Motown and the movie "Hitsville: The Making of Motown" as well as the Nashville way of getting great songs together with various writers and promoting them. I work with lyricist Michael Landrio who is a wonderful lyric writer that can either pen a whole song or add bits and pieces to anyones songs.

You can contact him directly at  

In the section below is our very beginnings of a record label of some sort that we hope to continue to grow as we move forward with that idea in mind. On my

page you'll see various songs and albums I've worked over the years. of other songs I really loved doing too. Finally for now anyway some more studio videos at


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Our Story

I've always loved the idea of a residential recording studio, a place where musicians can live while just always made sense to me plus its fun! A great sounding room is fundamental to any good studio and to my delighted surprise after finding the house and walking in the front door I told the agent "I'll take it!" The whole house is cut up to be a really great studio actually. 

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Sounds So Good

Demeter VTCL-2 tube compressor/limiter

Antelope Audio Discreet4 Interface 

API A2D Dual Mic Pre/A/D Converter

Focusrite ISA428 4 channel mic pre with! optional 8channel AD converter card!

Vintech Dual 72 2 channel Neve 1272 type mic pre 

Demeter VTMP-2b 2 Channel Tube Mic pre


Warm Audio WA47 tube mic

(2) Audio Technica 4051b small diaphragm condenser mics

Sennheiser 421 dynamic mic

AKG D112

(2) Lustraphone 1962 Ribbon mics

(2)Clockaudio mini diaphragm condensers

Shure Beta58

Shure SM57


Tons of plugins

Kontakt Midi instruments

Fender Blues DeVille Guitar amp

Fender Blues Jr Guitar Amp

VOX VT100 Modeling half tube guitar amp

Acoustic Bass amp

Monoprice StageRight tube amp

(2) Fender Stratocasters


Martin acoustic 

Dobro Custom made by Hank Soto

GoldTone 12 String Mandotar

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